The short story “The Music Room” by Stephen King revolves around a couple who kidnap people and steal their money.

Mr. and Mrs. Enderby sit in the music room of their apartment. The room was initially supposed to be a nursery, but the couple are unable to have children. Mr. Enderby is reading the newspaper while Mrs. Enderby sits by the piano.

The couple hear a thumping sound from the closet in the room. Mr. Enderby announces that the newspaper has not reported George Timmons missing. It is revealed that Timmons is locked inside the couple’s reinforced closet, left to starve after he gave them all the money from his bank account. As Mr. Enderby reads the comics section of the newspaper, Mrs. Enderby gets increasingly annoyed by the thumping sound. She recounts that Timmons is the sixth businessman they kidnapped, and she imagines that his family will be cared ...

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