Style of writing

The language used by J. R. McConvey in the short story “Neutral Buoyancy” reflects Jetta’s inner voice and way of thinking, and it reveals how Jetta feels about herself and others. 

The language is often characterized by humor and sarcasm, which is revealed in the nicknames Jetta has given the other people in the pool. For example, she calls a man “Kielbasa Joe” (l. 2) because his body reminds her of a sausage. She calls an old man “Doctor O.C.D Grumblestein” (ll. 4-5) because he is obsessed with arranging the lane markers and constantly mutters (“grumbles”). Finally, Jetta dismisses “Chatty Boners” (l. 7) and the “AquaTramps” (l. 7) because she suspects that t...

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