Neutral Buoyancy

Denne study guide hjælper dig med at analysere novellen “Neutral Buoyancy” af J.R. McConvey. Teksten har været anvendt ved den skriftlige eksamen i Engelsk B på STX den 18. august 2021. Ud over hjælp til analyse finder du også et summary og hjælp til fortolkningen. Du kan også bruge vores arbejdsspørgsmål til at få hul på din analyse.

Hvis du har brug for hjælp til Assignment 1-4 fra den skriftlige eksamen på STX B den 18. august 2021, kan du finde vores vejledning her.


Her kan du læse et uddrag af vores study guide:

The story’s ending reveals that Jetta is deeply unhappy, which is why she seems mean and passive-aggressive at first. When she saves the old man’s life, she is not proud of her gesture but is traumatized and frustrated because she gave up her quest to save him. Moreover, she is shocked to realize that she was willing to let him drown: “Jetta turns the hot water up until it’s steaming. She’s standing in the shower, quaking, wondering if it even all happened. Trying to convince herself she didn’t almost let a man drown” (ll. 124-125).

The story indicates that there is no development and not much hope for Jetta in the future. When the old man introduces himself to her, she refuses to accept his friendship or to know his name, as this will disturb her swimming routine: “No, no, I can’t know your name, because now how will I swim? How will I swim now?” (ll. 132-133). However, if Jetta did decide to connect with other people and let them into her life, it might help her beat her illness. 

Jetta also realizes that she has suicidal thoughts and is almost envious of John for being so close to dying underwater: 

She folds her arms over her tiny breasts, pushing them down into her ribcage, and leans against the slick shower wall and lets her face twist into whatever horrified and broken shape it wants – trying to leech it out, that moment when she saw him drowning and thought, but maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. Maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad thing at all, to sink to the bottom and fill with water, and be still. (ll. 135-139)

The realization comes as a shock to Jetta, as she is faced with the reality that she tried to ignore for the past three years. She is not recovered – she is in fact still very ill and unhappy.

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Neutral Buoyancy

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