Literary period

Published in 1866, “Lispeth” by Rudyard Kipling falls into the category of Victorian literature. Victorian literature refers to English-language literature, written during the reign of Queen Victoria (1837–1901).

In terms of style, it was occasionally influenced by Romanticism (the previous dominant style). For example, it was very common for Romantic writers to make allusions to the culture and history of Ancient Greece or Rome. Kipling does this when he describes Lispeth: “… have thought her the original Diana of Romans going out to slay” (p. 266, ll. 11-12); “more beautiful, like the Princesses in the fairy tales” (p. 266, l. 20).

Another typical feature of Victorian literature found in the story is the historical realism of the social and physical setting. “Lispeth” is set in a real place in the Himalaya region during the British rule in India. The fact that the story discusses issues related to class – colonists versus local people –is also a typical aspect of Victorian literature.

Historical perspective and current i


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