Volunteerism | Manuscript & Email

Her finder du en study guide, som besvarer delprøve 2 fra eksamenssættet i Engelsk A på HHX fra 20. august 2012 om Volunteerism, hvor du skal skrive et talemanuskript og en e-mail. 

Manuscript - As a former volunteer you have been asked to give a speech at Manhattan International High School. The purpose of your speech is to encourage American students to sign up as volunteers. In your speech you account for different types of volunteer activities. You comment on how the individual person, the American society and communities in the US and abroad benefit from volunteerism. 

Email - As a Peace Corps PR assistant you have been asked to write an email to the American company Gap Inc. to encourage it to employ former Peace Corps volunteers. The email should include information on: 

  • the Peace Corps
  • intercultural and personal skills acquired by volunteers
  • typical personal characteristics of a volunteer


Her får du en smagsprøve på vores study guide:

Presentation of the topic

In 2009, President Obama called on Americans to serve as volunteers in the summer service initiative called ‘United We Serve’. The purpose of the initiative was for people all over America to unite and serve as volunteers for projects meant to help the economic growth of the country. Since then, volunteerism has gained new dimensions and has become increasingly popular among Americans. Another important aspect of volunteerism is the existence of the Peace Corps, an organization whose purpose is to send trained volunteers in countries that request assistance. Volunteerism is highly regarded and represents a positive aspect for all those involved.


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Volunteerism | Manuscript & Email

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