Discussion: Is Obama's reform a suitable solution?

In your speech, you have to discuss if the reform proposed by Barack Obama is a suitable solution to illegal immigration problems in the US.

While you should draw your own conclusions and present your opinion on the reform, you should take into account the underlying conclusion of all the source materials.

Obama's reform vs mass deportation


The case of Julissa Arce

The last two sorces, an article and a video, covering the case of Julissa Arce who became vice-president of the bank Goldman Sachs- while being an undocumented migrant- present a personal story which shows that Obama’s reform is suitable and needed.


The reform as a temporary solution

Nevertheless, you should also consider that the reform is only a partial solution, because it targets only certain undocumented migrant groups representing about 4 million out of the total of 11.3 million illegal immigrants. Consequently, the reform is not a comprehensive solution to illegal immigration in the US,...


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