Made in America | Essay

Her finder du Studienets gennemgang af eksamensspørgsmålet til den skriftlige eksamen i Engelsk A på HHX fra den 22. maj 2015, hvor A-opgaven lød:

Write an essay in which you account for reasons for the current 'insourcing' of jobs to America and discuss what the U.S. Government and American manufacturers can do to keep jobs in the country.

You may use additional sources in English, for example from the Internet. Do not forget to document your sources.

Write the essay in English and give it an appropriate heading.

Word count: 800-1200 words

Use the following sources:

U.S. manufacturing is back - but can Americans do the job?
Will manufacturing jobs return to the U.S.?
Obama Shows Off 'Insourced' U.S. Products (3:17)
'This Week': Made in America (3:18)
Bringing manufacturing back to the U.S. via the robot (2:25)
Official Chrysler and Bob Dylan Super Bowl Commercial 2014 - America's import (2:00)


Her kan du se et kort uddrag fra study guiden, som også er en generel introduktion til emnet:

Presentation of the topic

When writing your essay, it is of utmost importance to begin by defining the concept of “insourcing” of jobs to America. “Insourcing” means bringing back jobs from other countries and developing production in the United States. You may compare it with the opposing concept of “outsourcing”, which means the decision of American companies of opening factories and, implicitly, the job market, in other countries. In the last few years, America has dealt with the phenomenon of “insourcing”, an event worth analyzing.

In these study notes, we will focus on the reasons why “insourcing” has become an important phenomenon in the United States,  discuss the concept of “American pride”, and help you reflect on future prospects for the American manufacturing process.


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Made in America | Essay

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