The story’s exposition begins by presenting the context:

The farm children play together when they are small; but once the white children go away to school they soon don't play together any more, even in the holidays. Although most of the black children get some sort of schooling, they drop every year farther behind the grades passed by the white children. (ll. 1-4)

The beginning of the story also introduces the main characters – Paulus and Thebedi. Furthermore, it is hinted that their relationship does not end, as most relationships between white and black childr…



The rising action follows the development of Paulus and Thebedi’s relationship, from friendship to a sexual affair: 

They were not afraid of one another, they had known one another always: he did with her what he had done that time in the storeroom at the wedding, and this time it was so lovely, so lovely, he was surprised.... and she was surprised by it, too… (ll. 69-72)

Furthermore, their lives are also described individually: Pa…

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