Johnny and Boyd

Johnny is Mrs. Wilson’s son and Boyd’s friend. Like Mrs. Wilson, Johnny is white. The short story “After You, My Dear Alphonse” by Shirley Jackson reveals that he lives with his parents and that he does not have any siblings. Boyd’s outer characterization reveals that he is African American (p. 1, l. 16) and that he lives with his parents and his sister. According to Johnny, Boyd’s sister is studying to become a teacher (p. 3, ll. 3-4), his father is a foreman (p. 2, l. 25), and his mother is a housewife (p. 2, l. 29). Boyd refuses to accept Mrs. Wilson’s hand-me-downs, because his family is quite well-off and can afford anything they need (p. 3, ll. 26-28).

In their relationship, Boyd and Johnny display typical boyish behavior. The boys bond over their war games (p. 3, ll. 11-13) and over ...

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