Theme and message

The importance of life experience

Kelley, the main character, likes to hitchhike because she can hear interesting stories from the people she meets. This is important because she wants to be a writer; to be a good writer, she believes that it is crucial to get some experience of life and other people’s lives – a notion that she learned from her supervisor (ll. 45-46). The idea behind this is that a writer must expand his horizons and not only learn about life but also about different experiences and perspectives on life. Before being a good writer, a person must be a good listener and treat life and people with curiosity.

This is illustrated in the story through Kelley’s attitude. Although she is initially unimpressed by John, the man whom she asks for a ride, Kelley keeps an open mind about him. Her willingness to meet new people and her curiosity pay off, as she is surprised to learn that John has led a fascinating life.

Moreover, the story sugg...

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