Literary period

Published in 2017, the short story fits the literary movement we call Postmodernism, which defines a significant portion of literature published starting with the 1960s. Postmodernist works can be recognised through themes, context, and narrative techniques. In “A Wasted Hour” we notice that the short story explores the theme of the importance of a writer’s life experience. This theme is recognisably postmodernist as postmodern works often feature themes which emphasise the importance of individual experience and its influence on shaping one’s identity.

In terms of narrative techniques, “A Wasted Hour” uses irony, which is a typical feature for postmodernist writers.

The story also focuses on creating the day-to-day setting of a brief encounter between strangers but, through multiple references and allusions, it also reminds readers about different issues in US history. It talks about war and disillusionment, the struggle of immigrants and of those who fought for civil rights, challenges in the journalism world, and...

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