Sonnet 18 af William Shakespeare - Analysis

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Sonnet 18 af William Shakespeare - Analysis

Dette er en analyse og fortolkning af Sonnet 18 af William Shakespeare. I opgaven er der fokus på sonnettens form og temaer.

Du kan bruge opgaven som inspiration til din egen analyse af Shakespeares berømte sonnet.


How can we best make sure that the people nearest to our hearts, who we love, admire and hold in deep respect, are honoured and remembered even after their bodies have succumbed to death and given up their mortal lives. In this sonnet, which is one of his most famous and well known, William Shakespeare describes poetry's ability to somehow immortalize the person or persons it has been dedicated to, by committing them to the poem so they can be remembered and acknowledged in any time to come.

I will start by shortly describing the characteristics of a Shakespearian sonnet, which is the type of sonnet we are concerned with here. There are other types, but I do not know their exact differences and am therefore not able to tell you about them. Every Shake-spearian sonnet follows the same rhyme pattern, and their rhythm, length and structure is also equal. We can, to picture the rhyme pattern, divide the 14 lines of which a sonnet consists into four groups, splitting up after the fourth, eighth and twelfth line.
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Sonnet 18 af William Shakespeare - Analysis

  • 12-04-2012
    Opgaven er rigtig god, den er helt klart med til at få en igang hvis man sidder lidt fast i opgaven :)
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    Givet af 3.g'er på STX
    Mange grammatiske fejl og tydeligt skrevet af en 1.g'er. Ok analyse, men har en del fejl
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    Givet af 3.g'er på STX
  • 02-05-2015
    Ganske udemærket analyse