The analysis of the poem “The Sick Rose” by William Blake shows that the outer composition is simple, with the two stanzas following the same rhyme scheme. The inner composition shows that the poem is linear and that it creates a feeling of tension and a dark atmosphere. 

The speaker of the poem is unnamed and only functions as an observer of the rose’s story. 

The setting of the poem can be analyzed both from a physical and metaphorical perspective. While the setting might be the flower bed, it might also refer to a metaphorical lovers’ bed. 

The language of the poem is old English, which mirrors the time when it was published. However, it is easy to understand even today. 

Some of the poetic devices used in the poem are metaphors, personification, and apostrophe. Because there are several ways in which the poem can be looked at, symbols play a particularly important role. 

You can read a more detailed analysis on the following pages. 

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