Marnie Caufield

Outer characterization

Marnie Caufield is the main character in the short story “Kittens” by Dean Koontz. Her outer characterization is not detailed. We are not told what she looks like or how old she is, for example. But we do know that she started school last September (p. 421, l. 3), so she is probably around seven years old. She comes from a very religious family, and she has two three-month-old siblings. We also know that she lives “on a farm in America” (p. 424, l. 25). References to Laymen’s Sunday (p. 420, l. 15) suggest that she might be from a Methodist family.

Inner characterization

Marnie Caufield is described mostly through her thoughts and feelings, and her reactions to the events surrounding her. At the beginning, we get the impression that she is a typical child. She has fun by throwing stones in a river (p. 420, ll. 3-4), she was initially excited by her first year of school (p. 421, ll. 4-5), she enjoys Christmas (p. 421, ll. 6-8), and she likes kittens and makes careful preparations for the birth of the new ones (p. 421, ll. 21-22). We also learn that she is worried that God will take them too (p. 421, ll. 28-29).  The way she questions the reasons behind God taking her kittens away is not unusual, as c...

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