An analysis of the short story “Jellyfish” by Catherine Smith shows that the story follows a mostly chronological plot structure, however with several flashbacks helping to offer insight into Kirsty’s relationship with her ex-girlfriend. The story has specific turning points that highlight Kirsty’s change of perspective.

The story focuses on two characters, Kirsty and Emily. Kirsty is packing away Emily’s belongings from their formerly shared flat after Emily broke up with her. Her behavior shows she still wishes to reconnect with Emily and hold on to their relationship, but Emily has already moved on.

The physical setting is Kirsty and Emily’s flat in England, and the story takes place during the present day. The intimate and domestic setting helps to offer insight into Kirsty and Emily’s relationship through Kirsty’s memories associated with different objects or locations in the house.

The events are told from the point of view of a second-person narrator, following Kirsty’s perspective. The unusual narrative choice suggests Kirsty’s emotional detachment after the sudden breakup.

The language is informal at times, containing unfinished sentences and mirroring everyday speech. Kirsty often uses scientific language, likely showing her rational way of thinking. The story includes several symbols, such as the jellyfish and the onions, which help to highlight Kirsty’s frame of mind.

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Short story analysis

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