Article about the workplace seen from young people's point of view (Generation Y)

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Eksempelbesvarelse: Article about the workplace seen from young people's point of view (Generation Y)

Se hvordan du skriver en opgave til topkarakter med Studienets eksempelbesvarelse af opgave A fra bogen Express Yourself, der går ud på at skrive en artikel (article).

I besvarelsen er der lavet kommentarer til hver del af artiklen (grå boks), hvori delenes indhold forklares, så du kan anvende samme fremgangsmåde i din egen artikel. Du kan bruge besvarelsen som inspiration til din egen opgave, og som et godt eksempel på, hvordan man skriver en artikel på engelsk.

Each week the British newspaper The Sunday Times publishes an article about the issues affecting recruitment and retention of employees. In connection with this the newspaper plans to publish an article about the workplace seen from young people's point of view. You have been given the assignment to write the article in question

In the article you present young people's attitude to work today. You discuss the attractions of the workplace and explain why some things turn young people off

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Today's young people are not as keen on staying put in one work place as earlier generations. They like to mix things around and try different things, but that doesn't make them any less capable as employees. For the new ‘Generation Y', work isn't something they will sacrifice everything for; instead it is something that should be an integrated part of their lives. If the job doesn't make sense to them, they might be less hard working. They want to feel that their work is meaningful, and that it contributes both to the company and their own personal development. Money is not necessarily the primary issue at stake for this generation that hasn't really experienced material needs. The social relationships with co-workers and executives are just as important as well as the possibility of a variety of work experiences and a challenging every day, where these young people can use their abilities and show that they are capable of lifting more difficult tasks.

The concept and the atmosphere of the company are very important for this generation in their choice of job. Young people of today are attracted to workplaces that can offer them a high level of flexibility and variation in their jobs, as companies like KPMG and Price Waterhouse Coopers do by providing a range of different work experiences such as social-responsibility initiatives, international experience and learning programs. Here young workers can try different job settings and in through different experiences determine which area of work they would like to specialize in. Furthermore, they get a good look into the company which makes them feel more like a part of the whole business. For the company, this kind of investment in the young generation can prove very valuable, as some of these youngsters with an early overview of the company can turn out to be future executives. Also a good relationship between colleagues and a focus on personal contact is something that attracts the young generation. They enjoy personal feedback and they seek a workplace that can also be a social network. After-work activities and a variety of social options at work, such as a coffee corner, table football or even an internet chat option can prove valuable in attracting and retaining youngsters... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Article about the workplace seen from young people's point of view (Generation Y)

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