I denne study guide finder du hjælp til at analysere novellen “Zolo” af S. Bhattacharya-Woodward. Teksten har været brugt til den skriftlige eksamen i Engelsk A på HHX den 19. maj 2022. Udover hjælp til analysen finder du også et summary samt hjælp til fortolkning af novellen.

Hvis du har brug for hjælp til Assignment 1-3 fra den skriftlige eksamen på HHX A den 19. maj 2022, kan du læse vores vejledning her.


Her kan du læse et uddrag af vores study guide: 

Social setting

The social setting mainly focuses on life in a lower-class neighborhood affected by poverty, addiction and neglect.

We see this both through the descriptions of the family’s apartment and the general neighborhood they live in, as mentioned above. Zolo’s mother seems to be an alcoholic (judging by the empty bottles piling up in the apartment), and she has further suffered some kind of emotional breakdown after Zakky’s father left, making her both unable and unwilling to take care of her children. She does not seem to have job, and probably lives on welfare (which is probably one of the main reason she is afraid of the visit from Social Security). However, it is hard to tell exactly how poor the mother is, as it turns out she does have the money to pay the electric bill after all, she just cannot be bothered to do so until she learns that Social Service is coming to check up on them. 

The social setting also illustrates that children are especially vulnerable in areas that struggle with poverty and addiction, because they may face neglect, and may often be unsupervised and therefore at greater risk of dangerous situations. 

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