In “iAnna” by Will Self, Dr Shiva Mukti contacts a retired psychiatrist, Dr Zack Busner, to present him with a patient’s case at St Mungo's. Dr Zack Busner first refuses to see the patient and give his opinion because he is retired, but as Mukti begins talking about a pattern, he decides to go to the hospital and see what the doctor is talking about.

At the hospital, Mukti shows Busner his patient, Anna Richardson, who is schizophrenic and perceives the world as an iPad. The woman clicks and taps in the air and acts as if she is phoning people using a Bluetooth handset. Mukti tells Busner to play along with Anna’s fantasy as he believes this is the only way to interact with her. The two doctors become like an interactive video for Anna. She taps on Mukti to ‘enlarge his image’ and the doctor …

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