Published in 2011, “iAnna” by Will Self takes place in a contemporary setting as indicated by the references to iPad, Lady Gaga, and YouTube. The story spans less than a day, and takes places in London, …


Physical setting

The physical setting is represented by the St Mungo Hospital, described in the beginning of the story: “…St Mungo's, a small and down-at-heel general hospital situated – rather bizarrely – in the dusty pit left behind when the Middlesex Hospital was demolished in the spring of 2008…” (ll. 1-3)

Additionally, the story includes references to Dr Busner’s house and the neighbourhood where the hospital is situated. The place where Dr Busner lives suggests he lives a retired life, trying to enjoy his retirement: “…in the bedroom of the grotty first-floor flat he had recently rented on Fortess Road in Kentish Town ab…

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