Study questions

On this page, we suggest a number of study questions that can help you work with the article "Why Do We Hate Immigrants?" by Kevin Powell. On the following pages, you can read examples and explanations that can help you answer all of these questions.

  • How does the sender Kevin Powell use his own identity as an African-American in the text?
  • Is there a specific target audience within the US that Powell is specifically trying to reach with this article?
  • What is the effect of using a provocative rhetorical question as a headline?
  • How can you tell that Powell's article is written in a formal style? What is the effect of this style?
  • Why does Powell make an analogy between the historical situation of African Americans and the current situation of immigrants?
  • Can you find examples where Powell makes allusions to the Trump administration and its policies?
  • How does Powell build ethos in this text?
  • Which emotions are Powell trying to stir through his appeals to pathos?
  • What is the main intention behind Powell's article? 
  • Does Powell succeed in realizing this intention, or are there any problems that make his text less convincing?