“Why Do We Hate Immigrants?” by Kevin Powell is written like a traditional article.

The headline is a provocative rhetorical question, as it implies that the typical American hates immigrants. In this way, it can be a powerful tool to catch the eye of potential readers, although it might risk offending some of them as well if they do not agree with Powell’s perspective on the issue.

The headline also serves to introduce the topic of the article – widespread hatred towards immigrants in the US. However, the words in the headline could, perhaps, be considered an exaggeration, as Powell’s statements in the text itself suggest that many groups do not hate immigrants. 

In the introduction, Powell presents his African-American background to associate himself with immigrants attempting to enter America today (ll. 1-5). He presents a brief history of African Americans and the injustice they suffered since their arrival to the American continent “as slaves” (l. 4) to the present day: “… if anyone knows and understands America...

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