These are the elements that will help you with the analysis of the article “Why Do We Hate Immigrants?” by Kevin Powell.

The rhetorical situation of the article is Powell’s wish to highlight the injustices suffered by immigrants under the Trump administration. Powell mentions his African-American background to make himself appear reliable and trustworthy. His article mainly targets the American public, both citizens and those who have not formally achieved citizenship. 

The composition is typical for an article, with an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. The headline is a rhetorical question which aims to provoke the readers and introduce them to the theme of the article. 

The style of language used by Powell in the article is mainly formal. The author uses complex sentence structures to express his views, as well as many advanced words. 

One of the main linguistic features is the analogy that Powell makes between the situation of immigrants and the situation of African Americans in the US. Powell also uses allusions and metaphors.

Regarding forms of appeal, Powell especially appeals to ethos and pathos. Powell builds ethos by relying on his African-American background to associate himself with immigrants. Powell appeals to pathos in his descriptions of human suffering and in his angrily worded criticism towards the policies of the Trump administration.

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