Which Floor?

Denne study guide giver hjælp til analyse af essayet “Which Floor?” af Loretta Ramkissoon. Teksten har været anvendt ved den skriftlige eksamen til Engelsk B på STX den 2. december 2021. Ud over hjælp til analyse af teksten finder du også et summary og idéer til en diskussion af teksten. Du kan også bruge vores arbejdsspørgsmål til at få hul på din analyse.


Her kan du læse et uddrag af vores study guide:

Ramkissoon uses the image of residents having to be transported upright in the lift to show the strength and endurance of those living in Braithwaite Tower. She hints that they are survivors who do not allow themselves to be discouraged, despite the hardship life throws at them. This makes the reader admire them.

Ramkissoon also appeals to pathos by her use of positive imagery. It makes her experience living in Braithwaite Tower positive as well. An example is how she compares Braithwaite Tower to a tree:

The two lifts are situated in the middle of the building. They are our root and our core. They bring people down when they die and up when they’re born. If the block is the tree, then the flats are the branches. When a diagnosis is made and a funeral booked, we all mourn the tree’s loss. When one floor hurts, we all hurt; when one branch falls, we all feel the pain. (ll. 11-14)

This helps the reader understand that these people are a strong community and that they are willing to help each other.

Pathos is also used when Ramkissoon personifies the new buildings and how they seem to reject Braithwaite Tower, considering it out of place: “ ‘No, we don’t really want you here; you don’t really fit in here any more. You’re old-fashioned, out of date. Can’t you see?’ ”. (ll.101-102) This makes the reader feel sympathy towards the people from Braithwaite Tower, who suddenly feel out of place and unwanted in their own neighborhood. It is an example of an appeal to negative emotions in the reader, which forms a contrast to the positive emotions Ramkissoon appeals to when describing the residents of Braithwaite Tower.

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Which Floor?

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