Discussion: Modern technology and individual freedom

If you are working with Nita Farahany’s TED talk “When technology can read minds, how will we protect our privacy?” as part of the STX English B exam assignment from August 20, 2019, you are asked to briefly discuss whether or not modern technology poses a threat to individual freedom.

Your discussion should take its starting point in some of the arguments that Farahany presents, but you are also free to take it beyond the text - perhaps to discuss the potential threats to freedom that other kinds of technology besides EEG might pose in the future, or even in the present. Remember that a discussion in a school context must always be based on solid argumentation and should always present a case from at least two different viewpoints.

If you wish to deliver a counterargument to some of Farahany’s points, it may be especially useful to point to a current situation where modern technology restricts individual freedom. You could use this example to argue that the most important concern of...

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