The main theme of the short film “We’ve All Been There” by Nicholas Clifford is empathy and its impact on people’s lives. The movie raises awareness about the importance of being able to empathise with others’ problems and the positive effects empathy can have on those in need. Inspired by the short story “What goes around comes around”, the film has a karmic take on acts of…



In the movie, a poor unemployed man—Matt—helps a wealthy woman—Joan—who gets a flat tire on the road. Matt does this without any particular intention, simply because he is able to empathise with Joan’s situation, saying “we’ve all been there” (the title of the film). Although in financial need, and probably tempted to take the money Joan offers him in return for his help, he does not do it.

His unconditional help pays off in an unexpected way, as Joan stops at the diner where Matt’s partner Jess works, and without…

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