“We’ve All Been There” by Nicholas Clifford starts with Joan, who gets a flat tire and does not have mobile phone reception to call someone to help her, so she gets inside the car angrily. Matt is driving his truck along the road until he sees Joan’s car and stops.

Jess, who is pregnant, starts her shift at the diner where she works. She tells Kat that something has come up and she needs to work extra hours or an advance on her pay. Kat refuses, telling Jess to quit if she is not satisfied with her job. Jess bursts out and almost offends Kat who tells Jess she should not expect any special treatment because she is pregnant. Jess shows Kat her eviction notice because she is behind with the rent. Kat tells Jess she cannot help her and does not want to take care of her problems.

Joan reaches the...

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