Text 1: “Virtual reality, fake news, and the future of fact”

Author: Quartz
Genre: Video
Year of Publication: 2017

“Virtual reality, fake news, and the future of fact” is a video report produced by business news media Quartz. The video was published in 2017 as part of their series “What Happens Next”.

The video begins by showing images from a VR video game. The voiceover talks about how VR and AR are changing the gaming industry by taking users into immersive worlds or bringing games and characters into the real world through projections. The video mentions that huge investments are being put into VR and AR companies, showing that the technology is going to become an important tool in the future. The voiceover says that a VR device could give people instant access to information and facts. It also suggests that some people’s anxieties could be solved through VR technology.

The report then moves on to discuss immersive journalism, which is considered an evolution in media because it allows people to experience the news more directly. The video gives the example of a VR content filmed in war zones, at the melting icecaps, or in a prisoner’s cell. Such content could help people to understand how it feels to be there and relate to the people who experienced these things in real life. The video also presents the VR project “The Enemy”, in which people can interact with soldiers from opposing sides of conflicts happening around the world.

Critics argue that the news does not need to be more emotional, especially since fakes new and fake social media posts are already having a negative impact. Some people fear that immersive VR media reports could lead to people being manipulated or only looking for content that confirms their existing ideas. The report then looks at examples of manipulative media from previous eras, particularly the poster. When the poster was first invented, s...

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