Uncle Dougie

Outer characterization

Uncle Dougie is the main character in the short story “Uncle Dougie’s Suitcase” by Alastair Chisholm. He is Douglas’s great-uncle (l. 2). Uncle Dougie is not married and does not have any children (l. 7). He always wears the same clothes: “a lurid white-yellow shirt with a wide collar and big buttons, (...), a brown and green tie (...) and a thick, heavy overcoat” (ll. 10-11), which smells bad (ll. 12-13). From his choice of clothes and the fact he never seems to change them, he appears to be an unconventional person, with eccentric habits. One of his eyes appears to be damaged (l. 88). He also smokes cigars (l. 93). 

He gives Douglas exotic presents such as “American bubblegum, or a tiny fish carved from sandalwood and brough...

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