Outer characterization

Tony is the main character and narrator in Leslie Marmon Silko’s short story “Tony’s Story”. Tony’s full name is Antonio Sousea (p. 179, l.9). He is a young Native American man living in an Indian reservation in New Mexico. He lives in a house together with his younger siblings, his parents, and his grandparents. Tony and Leon are friends.

Inner characterization

Tony appears to be friendly and sociable. He and Leon seem good friends. Tony is happy that Leon returned from the army and is “once more a part of the pueblo” (p. 175, ll. 17-18). When Leon is taken to the hospital after being beaten by the cop, Tony goes with him. (p. 176, ll. 15-16). Later, he tries to offer Leon an amulet for protection, which shows he cares for Leon’s well-being.

However, Tony also feels that Leon has changed after he returned fr...

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