Leon is a character in “Tony’s Story” by Leslie Marmon Silko. Leon’s outer characterization reveals that he is a Native American man, recently returned from the army (p. 176, l. 34). He lives on an Indian reservation in New Mexico. He owns a pickup truck (p. 177, l. 3) and a .30-30 rifle (p. 180, l. 11).

Leon is a young man whose modern attitude and beliefs set him apart from the rest of his people in the pueblo. He shakes Tony’s hand holding it “tight like a white man” (p. 175, l. 13). The old men in the pueblo disapprove of his drinking during the San Lorenzo Feast Day, suggesting that it is what got him into trouble with the cop (p. 176, ll. 37-40). Tony’s remark that “men who came back from the army were troublemakers on the reservation” (p. 176, ll. 35-36) suggests tha...

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