The main themes of the novel The Wave by Morton Rhue offer an insight into the meaning of the text and why it is relevant even today. Our section will have a look at some of these themes and how they can be viewed in the context of the text. 

The interpretation of the text examines the events at Gordon High School as well as during the experiment, thus facilitating the reader's understanding. Among other things, it answers the questions of who has power over whom, how power changes The Wave members, and how community, discipline, and actions affect the power of the movement.

The section sheds light on the experiment itself, as well as the ideology of The Wave, and how this causes changes in those who follow the movement. We then have a look at the themes of power and recognition especially in the context of a seemingly fascist organization. We highlight the freedom of expression as one of the leitmotifs of the novel that repeatedly leads to conflicts within the plot.

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