Other characters

Amy Smith

Amy Smith is a minor character in Morton Rhue’s novel The Wave. She is a girl with curly blond hair. Amy is Laurie's best friend (Chapter 1, 25%; Chapter 13, 20%). The two can talk about many things and have fun together (Chapter 1, 25%-38%-4). As the novel progresses, however, it becomes clear that Amy also views her friendship with Laurie as a constant competition for grades, boys, and popularity. She feels that she is in her best friend's shadow, and often envies Laurie. 

Amy enjoys the equality principles of The Wave because she finally doesn't feel like she has to prove anything to others or to herself. For this reason, she does not believe a word Laurie says when she tries to make it clear to Amy that the movement is not a positive one (Chapter 14, 14%).

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