Putting the Vietnam War into perspective

Immediate effects on Vietnam

The war had dramatic consequences for Vietnam as many lives were lost. Between 1 to 3 million Vietnamese civilians and soldiers are estimated to have died in the war. The conflict also significantly changed the nation’s relationship with other countries.

The involvement of the United States and its withdrawal played a major role in how the country later developed. During US military presence in South Vietnam the economy and society were profoundly transformed.

The end of the war was followed by a refugee crisis, as over 3 million people left Vietnam and the other neighbouring countries that were affected by the War. Vietnam remained impoverished and politically isolated until the 1980s when the government of Vietnam initiated a series of economic and political reforms, trying to integrate the country into the world economy. Since 2000, Vietnam's economic growth rate has been among the highest in the world.

Long-term effects on Vietnam

Despite the country’s recovery, the negative effects of the Vietnam War can still be witn...

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