The short story “The Snows of Kilimanjaro” by Ernest Hemingway takes place in Kilimanjaro, Africa, where Harry and Helen are on a safari. 

For Harry, Africa is a place with good memories, where he hopes to make a new beginning: “Africa was where he had been happiest in the good time of his life, so he had come out here to start again.” (p. 44, ll. 36-37). Helen also comes to love Africa, although she has not previously visited (p. 46, ll. 36-38). However, the place with positive meanings becomes the place where Harry will eventually lose his life through a small oversight (p. 46, ll. 20-24).

However, for Harry, the place remains idyllic: “This was a pleasant camp under big trees against a hill, with good water, and close by, a nearly dry water hole where sand grouse flig...

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