Snow is a symbol of death. Harry remembers the snow on the mountains in Bulgaria, and connects it to death: “it was snow they tramped along in until they died that winter” (p. 42, ll. 10-11). Harry’s sudden and unexpected fate can also be connected to the unexpected timing of the snow in his memory. The Secretary says it is not snow, and “it’s too early for snow” (p. 42, l. 7), and the same thing can be said about Harry’s death, which occurs unexpectedly, and too early, making him unable to finish his works. The image of snow reappears in Harry’s dream, where he is taken to the top of Kilimanjaro, which is “unbelievably white in the sun” (p. 56, ll. 8-9). This symbolizes Harry’s death. 

The hyena is another symbol of the approaching death. Harry...

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