The Sin Bin or Lucy's Heart

Her er vores study guide til novellen “The Sin Bin or Lucy's Heart” (2000) af Lucy Cross, som du kan læse i lærebogen Contexts (s. 33). 

I analysen dækker vi de fleste elementer i novellen, som det kan være relevant for dig at komme ind på, hvis du skal analysere denne tekst. Vi hjælper dig også med at perspektivere novellen til andre tekster.

Lucy Cross er et pesudonym for den britiske forfatter Hannah Griffiths (f. 1971), som bor i London. 


Herunder kan du læse et uddrag af vores study guide:


The heart Lucy is drawing is the central symbol of the story, and it symbolizes Lucy’s muddled feelings. Her first attempt is “rubbish. I push much too hard on the paper for some bits and then back right off for others. It’s a mess of really dark and really light” (p. 34, ll. 42-44). This suggests Lucy’s inner conflict, as she is torn between the “really dark” which is Bethan’s bad influence on her, and the “really light”, which are her upbringing and academic achievements. As she remembers beating Penny and smoking with Bethan, the drawing of the heart becomes even more grotesque (p. 35, ll. 24-26). This suggests that Lucy is using the drawing to express her feelings of anger and frustration which she is unable to give words to, even to herself. 

When Lucy remembers the happiness she felt at ranking second in her year, she realizes she wants to start the heart again (p. 36, ll. 13-16). It is worth noting that as she draws her second heart, with a more suitable pencil, and with greater care, she also thinks more critically of Bethan and her friends (p. 37, ll. 1-6). This second attempt at drawing a heart is much better (p. 37, ll. 7-9). In this way, the connection between the heart in the drawing and Lucy’s own heart ...

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The Sin Bin or Lucy's Heart

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