Robert Wilson

Outer characterization

Robert Wilson is a main character in the short story “The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber” by Ernest Hemingway. He is “about middle height, with sandy hair, a stubby mustache, a very red face and extremely cold blue eyes with faint white wrinkles at the corners that grooved merrily when he smiled” (p. 1, ll. 36-39). He wears “old slacks (…), very dirty boots (…), a Stetson hat” (p. 1, ll. 42-46). He is a professional hunter (p. 3, l. 16) who lives in Africa.

Inner characterization

Wilson appears to be wholly committed to pleasing his clients. In addition to selling his hunting skills to the husbands, Wilson also caters to the wives who “did not feel they were getting their money’s worth unless they had shared that cot with the white hunter” (p. 14, ll. 20-22). This shows he is amoral and willing to do anything for money: “their standards were h...

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