Characterization of Leonard Mead

Leonard Mead is the main character in the short story “The Pedestrian” by Ray Bradbury. Mead’s outer characterization reveals that he used to be a writer (p. 1, l. 109), but his occupation has become useless in a society that only watches TV. He does not own a TV (p. 2, ll. 24-26), which is something unacceptable for the police car. He is also unmarried because “nobody wanted” (p. 2, l.35) him, which highlights that he is different from the rest of society, which might make other people not want to associate with him. Mead wears sneakers (p. 1, l. 29) when he goes on hiss walk to avoid making noise and getting noticed. 

Leonard Mead’s inner characterization indicates that he is an outsider in his society. This is suggested by how he enjoys going out fo...

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