The short story begins with a backstory on the narrator and her mother:

My daddy is Prime Minister. I was born in the back room of a whorehouse on Popeshead Street. I lived there with my mother. When other children teased and called me Bubby Island, it was because of my mother’s abundance of breast and the fact that we lived in the island’s most popular red light district. (ll. 1-4)

This suggests that the narrator is the Prime Minister’s illegitimate child.

In the exposition, the setting is further developed through various details about the narrator’s neighbourhoo…



The rising action begins with the phrase “It happened like this…” (l. 20), through which the narrator announces that she will explain how it was possible for her to study abroad.

The backstory begins with Ruth walking the narrator from school:

Mom walking me from school – she insisted on this though the school was just two streets across and up the road from where we lived. I was 10 and now at big school – the youngest in my class, but old enough to walk by myself. (ll. 21-23)

Ruth’s insistence on walking her daughter from school, even though it was close to home, hints at the neighbourhood being dangerous. Therefo…



In the falling action, the narrator tells us that she later learned that the building on the hill was the Prime Minister’s office (l. 75), confirming what was implied earlier in the story. The narrator then returns to the time before the trip uphill, (ll. 77-79), which helps her to introduce a backstory on her starting to write stories: “That day was the start of me writing down the stories I made up in my head.” (l. 82)

Soon after her visit to the Prime Minister’s office, the narrator begins to attend Crescent Academy. In a brief backstory, the narrator suggests that she was met with prejudice on her first day of school (ll. 88-89). This also creates a tension point in the story. The narrator returns to the present, saying that she spent seven years at Crescent Academy (l. 92). A tension point is…

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