Themes and message


The main theme of the short story “The Other Couple” by Sandra Marslund is miscarriage and its aftermath.

The two main characters deal with the trauma of the miscarriage in different ways. The narrator still feels the loss deeply, even physically (ll. 63-66). The pain is so great that it affects her entire existence, causing her to hallucinate. The old couple, and especially the old woman, are an embodiment of the narrator’s fears of remaining childless. Everything that happens around her is seen through the lens of her suffering. For instance, the women and children who fill the beach with their noises are seen as a personal offense to her loss. 

 Even though the memory of the event hurts her, the narrator wants to talk about it. It might be that she feels that talking about it would lessen the hurt. Perhaps she wants her partner to comfort her, or even to just listen to her and prove he is the...

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