William Sidlayi

Outer characterization

William Sidlayi is an important character of the short story “The Guilt” by Rayda Jacobs. His outer characterization reveals that he is a black South African man looking for a job (p. 125, l. 20). Lilian describes him as a clean, young (p. 125, l. 24) man, wearing “dark pants and a jacket that had seen darning and letting out” (p. 125, l. 25). When he approaches Lilian, he offers her a forged letter claiming that he collects money for some organization. The letter makes it easier for him to “ask for a handout” (p. 125, l. 30).

Inner characterization

William is characterized by his persistence (p. 125, l. 24). When Lilian claims that she does not have a job to offer him (p. 125, l. 21), he does not take ‘no’ for an answer. Furthermore, he ...

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