Text 1: “The Future Of Retail: How We'll Be Shopping In 10 Years”

Author: Lin Grosman, Forbes Councils
Genre: Article
Year of Publication: 2017

Text 1 is an article written by Lin Grosman for Forbes Councils in 2017.  Forbes Councils is an online community for executives and entrepreneurs created by the financial magazine, Forbes

The article explores 6 ways in which retail is likely to change in the future and influence the way we shop, considering the advancement of mobile and e-commerce.

One aspect which will change is the delivery system, with purchases soon being delivered in less than one day. With the help of drones, they might even be delivered in just 30 minutes.

Retail will also be influenced by the Internet of Things. In the future, smart kitchen devices could send orders before people’s stocks run out, without consumers needing to participate in the shopping process.

Another feature of retail is that people will be able to know which shops have the things they want in stock. This is already being tested by Google Home, which has a feature that can find all the nearby shops that have the desired product in stock.

In the future, it is also likely that people will no longer need to carry their shopping bags, with shops offering to deliver purchases directly to the consumers’ homes after they have tried on and purchased them in the physical store.

Digital dressing rooms are also likely to become a norm along with other personalized services such as themed events and interactive experiences for shoppers. High-end retailer Rebecca Minkoff is already using digital dressing rooms, which has helped them improve their sales.

Finally, robot customer service might become the norm, with many parts of the shopping process being automatized. Robots might eventually replace human sales staff entirely.

The article concludes that retail will become even more personalized and targeted as retailers will start to incorporate more and more digital technologies in their sales process and strategies.

Text 2: “Retailers Experiment With a New Philosophy: Smaller Is Better”

Author: Tiffany Hsu, The New York Times
Genre: Article
Year of Publication: 2017...

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