Sender and receiver

Read here our presentation of the sender and receiver of “The Frontier Heritage” by Edward N. Kearny.


The sender of the text is American historian Edward N. Kearny, and the medium is his book, American Ways: An Introduction to American Culture, originally published in 1984.

As both an American and a historian, Edward N. Kearny is a credible sender; someone who has the knowledge and experience to talk about American identity and the way the concept of the frontier contributed to creating shared American values.



The general receiver of the text is the American public and all English-speaking readers with access to Kearny’s book, American Ways: An Introduction to American Culture.

The way the essay is structured (and even the title of the book) suggests that the text is intended to explain American culture to those who are less familiar with the topic—the writer never uses the collective pronoun ‘we’, but talks of ‘Americans’ in general:


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