Here, we summarise our analysis of “The Familiar” by Andre Norton.

The short story follows a traditional plot structure, with an exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution. It uses elements of fairytales, but it can be characterized as fantasy.

Fossi is one of the characters of the short story, a magical being from another realm who, in the realm of humans, takes the appearance of a stuffed toy, and then that of a living cat. Jeseca is a developing character (she changes as a result of the action) and is presented to us through the eyes of Fossi.

The setting of “The Familiar” the fictional city of Quirth, which is in an imaginary world. Like the physical setting, the social setting is also filled with magic. 

The story is told only from the first-person narrator’s point of view (Fossi), which means we only see Jeseca through his eyes.

The language is easy to follow and many words relate to magical or medieval-style elements. The story also uses language devices such as metaphors and similes. 

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