Chapter summaries 83-149

Chapter 83

Christopher wants to be an astronaut and thinks he would be good at it. He explains that he loves outer space and being alone in small spaces, so being on a spacecraft would be perfect for him. 

Chapter 89

At school, Christopher explains to his teacher Siobhan that he can’t write any more of the book. He tells her that he doesn’t understand why his father doesn’t like Mr Shears. Afterwards, he has two bad days because he sees four yellow cars in a row. 

Chapter 97

A few days later, Christopher meets Mrs Alexander and talks to her. He decides to ask her some questions about Mr Shears, because he logically reasons that his father hasn’t forbidden this. Mrs Alexander tells Christopher that Judy was having an affair with Mr Shears.

Chapter 101

Christopher explains the Monty Hall Probl...

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