Narrator and point of view

The short story “That Summer” written by Safia Moore is told by a first-person narrator who is also a character in the short story. The story is told in retrospect as indicated by the past tense: “That summer, I was sure someone would die” (l. 1). At the time of the events in the story, the narrator was a boy.

The story follows only the narrator’s point of view on the events: “I thought one of the women would appear to say some kind words to Mrs Walsh’s family…” (ll. 102-103). This helps create a connection between readers and the narrator’s character, making it easier for them to understand and empathise with his perspective on the events. 

The narrator is both subjective and limited: “I didn’t know anyone who’d ever gone in to play with the Walsh children. I wished I had” (ll. 107-108). The narrator does not know everything about the other...

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