The narrator

Outer characterisation

The story “That Summer” by Safia Moore is told in retrospect by a narrator that took part in the events. The narrator’s outer characterisation is mostly implicit – there are very few references to his physical appearance at the time of the events (during his childhood). Because he is presented as friends with two boys and fascinated by Mrs Walsh, he is most likely a young boy at the time of the events. His young age is also suggested by references to careless play: “There were trees to climb, a stream to jump, and hours to go before teatime” (ll. 122-123) . A reference to him being strong is suggested by:  “…not quite squaring up to Noel’s bulky frame, but I’d held my own in a scuffle with him once, and he’d never forgotten.” (ll. 16-17)

The fact that “The Walshes were the only Catholic family” (l. 20) in town suggests the narrator belongs to the Protestant faith and he lives in Northern Ireland (l. 20). There are also reference to his “sisters” (l. 36) and mother (l. 53), and to the fact that his father works in a carpet factory: “the carpet factory, where our fathers worked” (ll. 51-52). This suggests that he is probably from a working-class family.

Inner characterisation

The narrator’s inner characterisation during the time of the events initially presents him as a superstitious boy: “That s...

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