Discussion: the influence of someone's childhood home

Taking your starting point in the short story “That Same Sea” by Adrian Markle, discuss to which extent the place you grow up determines who you become.

Use at least two phrases from the box below in your discussion.

in this case, next, similarly, in contrast, secondly, yet, in addition, to sum up

There are several factors which shape someone’s personality. The place where a person grows up, together with their childhood environment, is one of such factors. 

Even though someone may leave their native town or village, they cannot forget the place where they grew up. In this case, the woman appears to remember every single detail of the countryside. When she revisits her village, even after a long absence, the memories of objects, animals, plants, even smells, come back to her. 

Similarly, people may have vivid memories of playing with their friends in ...

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