Physical setting

The short story “That Same Sea” by Adrian Markle is set in Gorran Haven, a fishing village on the south coast of Cornwall, England. The story takes place during a single day. It is a hot day, “well over twenty degrees” (l. 60), sunny and beautiful (l. 130). The main action takes place on Vault Beach (l. 53). This is a place the woman is proud to know: “ ‘I’m local enough to know where the good beach is’ ” (l. 31). The woman’s inside knowledge of the village means the two of them have the place mostly to themselves: 

We continued on (…) until the path split, and we took the one that angled down to a long, fat curve of pebbled beach, dramatically walled in on either side by two spits of rocky headland, and populated by only a few oth...

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