The analysis of the short story “That Same Sea” by Adrian Markle shows that it follows a linear plot structure which is also circular since it begins and ends in the same place. The plot centers around the rescue of a hurt sheep in the woman’s native village.

The main characters are the unnamed man and woman. The couple appear affectionate on the surface but may have a bit of an underlying conflict. They are very different from one another because they come from different worlds.

The physical setting is the village of Gorran Haven, where the woman grew up. The social setting explores cultural differences between life in the countryside and life in the city.

The story is told by a first-person narrator who is also the main character. He is subjective but not unreliable.

The language includes imagery and symbols which help the story come alive and underline its theme. 

Contrasts are used to highlight the shifting attitudes of the man and woman towards the countryside. They also point to a subtle conflict between the two main characters.

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Short story analysis

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